YBA Safeguarding Policy

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THE trustees of the YBA (the Executive Group) care about the safeguarding of everyone who comes
into contact with churches in membership with the Association, particularly children, young people
and adults at risk.

The trustees recognise that they have no power to enforce good safeguarding practice upon
member churches and nor can they accept any responsibility for safeguarding in churches, as this is
the responsibility of the leaders of each local church.

However, the trustees of the YBA actively encourage each Baptist church in membership with the
Association to take safeguarding seriously, ensuring that the children, young people and adults at
risk that it is in contact with are kept safe from harm.

The trustees encourage all in leadership roles within member churches to exercise proper
care in the selection, appointment and monitoring of those working with children, young
people and adults at risk, whether paid or volunteers within their churches.
The trustees encourage each member church to have a robust safeguarding policy in place and to act
in line with that policy. To this end, the trustees recommend that each church use the model policies
and guidelines which are provided by the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB), and the trustees
signpost churches to organisations from which they can receive support.
The trustees themselves use the model policies, guidelines and training material provided by BUGB to
ensure that safeguarding policies are fully up-to-date and operating as effectively as possible, and to
make training available to all church members and church leaders. The delivery of safeguarding
training at appropriate levels around the Association is arranged through the YBA Administration staff
reporting to the trustees through the Regional Minister Team Leader.
Trustees and staff are subject to DBS checks and training appropriate to their role.
The trustees of the YBA undertake to exercise proper care in the selection and appointment of any
paid or volunteer staff working with children, young people or adults at risk, for example at Association
events. This includes ensuring that DBS checks are undertaken at an appropriate level.
The YBA’s designated trustee for Safeguarding is Gill Knowles.
Leaders in local churches are responsible for:
 putting a safeguarding policy in place and ensuring it is disseminated appropriately and
adhered to in all aspects;
 the activities undertaken by the church on its own premises and elsewhere, and
 ensuring that outside groups/organisations using their premises have appropriate policies to
which they adhere.
Adopted by the Trustees 27th September 2017.

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