Sixth reflection

Lent 2017 logoTHE YBA’s series of Lenten reflections on how we meet Jesus in our daily lives continues with Ingrid Cumming, of the West Craven Baptist Fellowship.

Ingrid writes: “I have always loved music. We had a room in our house which was less used by the rest of the family and I would go in there, shut the door, put LPs on the record player and sing and dance for hours, imagining wonderful stories.

Ingrid Cumming“At that stage my music choice was mostly classical, especially the Romantic composers like Tchaikovsky. As I grew up I discovered rock and roll, singer-songwriters and even heavy rock and metal through my sons.

“Whatever the genre, the music needs to speak to me. I don’t mean through the words, although that can also happen, but through a mournful cello solo, a stirring organ piece by JS Bach or the Bass Doodle from Metallica. Through music and dance I also hear God speaking. I find this form of speaking doesn’t need words, there is a heart-to-heart communication, a freedom and I feel this is what I was created for.

“It reminds me of Eric Liddell talking about his passion for running, ‘God made me fast. And when I run, I feel his pleasure.’ I also feel this is true when sharing with others – there is a sense that the music or dance reaches across the barriers straight into people’s hearts.

“I don’t tend to have music on as background and I prefer whenever possible to listen to it live. If you don’t listen to music very much, then perhaps choose one song to ‘sit with’ for the rest of Lent. Listen to it carefully, not doing anything else and let it speak to you. If you are someone who has music on most of the time, then I have a challenge for you this Lent. Try fasting from music – you’ll be amazed how many other sounds you will hear more clearly, including that ‘still, small voice’.”

Click here to see a YouTube clip of Ingrid – and hear a very special song.

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