Second reflection

Lent logo 2017THE YBA’s series of Lenten reflections on how we meet Jesus in our daily lives continues with “Meeting Jesus – on a bike”, by the Revd Andy West, Minister at Wheatley Park Baptist Church, Doncaster.

Andy writes: “It seems to be from the Gospels that Jesus spent much of his time outside, whether walking, on a boat, or sat teaching on a hillside. It’s no surprise then that he used the things which could be seen around him to illustrate something of God’s heart to his followers.

Andy West“It might be a flower or a bird to illustrate God’s care and concern for us, a tree seed to illustrate the kingdom of God, a mountain to illustrate the power of prayer or the wind and the waves being stilled to illustrate his power. There was also the sheep on the hillside that he used often to teach us about who we are in him and who he was for us.

“There is a danger today in our rushed, and urbanised society that we become disconnected from the creation which we are part of, missing out on the things which God wants to show us and teach us from his incredible world. I was starting to do this on my daily cycling commute as I sought to get faster and beat personal records rather than enjoy the surroundings.

“Being back on my bike after having an enforced period off it I really sense that God is saying slow down and meet me in your daily commute.
“I therefore choose on a regular basis to take a slightly longer route home through the country side rather than on the main road and deliberately seek to connect with the beauty around me and the God that made it. And now even when I am on the main road I try and recognise that Jesus is with me and the people around me.

“My commute should become a commune with God rather than a dash from A to B, a chance to let him speak to me through the wonder of his world.”

You can view a film of Andy on his bike speaking about how he meets Jesus along the way. The film is a facebook link but anybody can view it – when the message comes up saying “To see more from Wheatley Park Baptist Church on Facebook, log in or create an account” – select Not Now. Then press the play button.  Click here.

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