Fifth reflection

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THE YBA’s series of Lenten reflections on how we meet Jesus in our daily lives continues with Eleanor Brennan, of Wakefield Baptist Church.

Eleanor writes: I asked some of my creative friends at Wakefield Baptist Church what it means to meet God through creativity and here’s what we thought……

“Creativity is a gift that God has given to us. By exercising our creative gifts we are celebrating God’s infinite creativity in his design of us as created beings.”

“Being creative can open up our horizons to better seeing and enjoying God’s creativity. Perhaps being creative can help us better understand our creator God.”

“Creativity can bridge language and social barriers. Creativity can help us communicate when words don’t come naturally or easily. Creativity can be a meeting place.”

“We can have some freedom in creativity. In other areas of our lives, at work or school, we may be constrained, but there does not need to be any boundaries to creativity.”

“Creativity can be therapeutic. It can be a lifeline in difficult times. Stopping to be creative can help you pause from a messy day, step away from distracting technology, still the mind. Our hands may be busy creating, but our brain can be still. In stillness, it is easier to hear God.”

“Creativity can be cathartic – it can be a release from day-to-day nonsense and once you have a clear head, you can be more receptive to God. Creativity can allow your mind to wander – to explore the conversations with God that otherwise get pushed out by the busy-ness of life.”

“Creativity is about enjoyment and enjoying the creative gifts that God has given us. Creativity brings me joy and when I feel joy I feel closer to God. I feel more whole and I feel fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Now view this youtube clip of Eleanor being creative with her knitting machine while reflecting on Psalm 139 verse 13. Click here.

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