Easter Sunday 2017

Lent logo 2017THE YBA’s series of Lenten reflections on how we meet Jesus in our daily lives ends with Regional Minister and Team Leader the Revd Graham Ensor.

Graham writes: “When Mary (Taylor) asked me to conclude the Lenten reflections by sharing my thoughts about ‘how I meet Jesus’ it created significant anxiety within me, most likely arising from a self-generated internal pressure to come up with a good story or wow everybody with words of wisdom.

Graham“But most of my life is marked by the ordinary not spectacular; where life is basically routine, largely uneventful, essentially predictable. I like to read good stories but most of them seem beyond me. Much of my life is about trying to be faithful to God in the ordinary everyday situation that He has placed me – which when I thought about it, I guess is true for most of us, where life by and large is more commonplace than exciting, more customary than electrifying, more usual than unusual.

“In Anglican or liturgical circles the regular and routine is described by the phrase ‘ordinary time’ – which denotes most of the Christian year with two thirds of the liturgical calendar marked not by feast or festival days but ordinary days – where life is lived in the humdrum experiences of everyday life. I like this idea of living well in ordinary time or knowing the life that Jesus offers in the here and now, most likely because that’s me – and I guess it’s most of you as well.

“So for me meeting Jesus is about seeking Him out in the everyday experiences of my ordinary life – lived not as a Regional Minister but as an average(ish) bloke seeking to make sense of faith in the real world.
“My YouTube clip captures some of my everyday life for you. Why not have a look at it now? Click here.
“Happy Easter!”

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