Advent 2018 - Week One

Generous logoREGIONAL Minister the Revd Mary Taylor writes:- 
"The YBA's focus this Advent is on how God’s generosity calls us all to be generous people. This might turn our thoughts to giving to charity - but that isn’t where we want to focus. We want to take a look at how different people give themselves to be the best in some very different ways.
"Over the next month we will be hearing stories about these generous people and their special gift. They all take something we might see as everyday or not especially spiritual and turn it into something generous and full of God’s love."

As we prepare for the start of Advent, we welcome Angela Wright, of Conisbrough Baptist Church. Angela is Community Wellbeing and Development Tutor Manager at Northern College, Stainborough, Barnsley, and her husband Ian is minister at Conisbrough and Doncaster Baptist Churches.
The Northern College is a residential college dedicated to the education and training of men and women who are without formal qualifications and are seeking to return to learning. It also offers training for those who are active in community and voluntary groups as well as in trade unions.
Click here to watch Angela's short film.

Mary adds: "We are also looking for Generous Heroes in our churches! All the way through Advent we’d love you to look for the generosity stories that you know and share them with us. Who do you know who turns the everyday into a gift in the name of Jesus. How about nominating your Generous Hero from church and community? Send us a photo and story (with their permission) and we will share it with the YBA family." Contact Joolz by email.

CandlesA PRAYER FOR ADVENT by Revd Mary Taylor

Generous God,
We want to start on our Advent journey with teachable hearts. We are longing to learn more about you and your ways.
As we prepare to receive your great gift – your only son Jesus – help us to be ready to learn and ready to share all we know of you.
Keep us curious, help us to encourage one another to be confident; and may we never consider anyone beyond hope or outside your invitation to learn and grow.
Thank you for all who give themselves to teaching and education; flow through them so that they may be channels of your life through all that they do. Help them to be teachers after the heart of Jesus, the greatest teacher of all.
 Teach us Jesus! Give us your wisdom. We wait for you in hope - with open ears and curious minds and expectant hearts this Advent.

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