Advent 2018 - Week 4

Advent HopeREGIONAL Minister the Revd Mary Taylor writes:- 
"Continuing with the YBA's Advent focus on how God’s generosity calls us all to be generous people, this week we turn the spotlight on Nick Welford.
"Nick has completed his ministry training at St Hild College, Yorkshire, and will be joining the team at church4u in Pickering. Nick and his family live in Scarborough, where their home church is Ebenezer Baptist Church."
Click here to watch and listen to Nick's short film and spoken word presentation about Advent Hope."

A PRAYER FOR ADVENT WEEK 4 by Revd Mary Taylor

Generous, loving God,

Our hearts are lifted to you as our gracious father and life-giving mother. We are your children and you have made us to be enfolded in your family. We praise and thank you that through Jesus, we are adopted as your sons and daughters, chosen and dearly loved.

4 candlesIt is you who are the source of all family life, every loving relationship and each community where peace dwells. Thank you for each good friendship we enjoy and for those who make us feel safe and cared for. Thank you for all the opportunities you give to us to be welcoming and warm to others and help us in our weakness to offer to all that same unconditional love which is your hallmark. Make our churches places of warmth and welcome for all, and especially for those whose lives have begun with rejection, neglect or cruelty.

Thank you especially for every family into which children have been adopted and chosen. Give your wisdom and patience to each parent, and the healing of hope to each child. We ask that you unfold for them a better future through being loved and embraced in generous families. Through your gifts of hope and grace help each family and each community to be a place of human flourishing and not of loneliness or suffering.

Jesus, help us to share the word of hope to all we meet. Deepen our own hope and trust in you so that we can give away what we have ourselves received. Thank you that hope is a big word!



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