Council of BMS World Mission

THE Revd Adrian Ward, of Huddersfield, and Mrs Norma Hobbs, of Leeds, represented the YBA at a meeting of the Council of BMS World Mission. Here is their report:-

Information for the churches of YBA: Report on the BMS Council  - 2nd October 2018
at The BCEC, Birmingham

John Slater (Vice-Chair of Trustees) welcomed council members and opened the meeting with prayer. There were words of tribute and prayers of thanksgiving for the life of Jeff Taylor, former BMS President and Chair of Trustees who had died since the last Council meeting.  Lynn Green (BUGB) brought greeting to the meeting and spoke about some shared work with Disciple Making Movements.

BMS General Director, Kang-San Tan, gave a report to the council detailing a visit to the UK from a delegation of the Baptist Church of Mizoram, and representative visits to the BWA meeting in Zurich; Malaysian Baptist Mission and with French Baptist leaders.

The current BMS Strategy ‘The Highest Goal’ will continue to run until 2020. Kang Sang outlined the development process for the BMS 2020-2025 strategy, with a series of reviews, consultations and engagement with partners, mission personnel and churches planned for 2019.

Lynn Cadman (Trustee) outlined the difference between the new Council and the former Council of Reference. (Document available on request). In summary the role of a BMS Council member is:

  • To reflect on the suitability and effectiveness of BMS work and policies.
  • To make BMS staff and Trustees aware of the views held by the Baptist constituency regarding the work of BMS.
  • To appoint members of the board of Trustees and, where appropriate, to other bodies within the BMS structures.
  • To approve changes to the BMS Constitution.
  • To support BMS staff and Trustees in their work.

Arthur Brown gave a presentation on the Future of Mission in the Middle East reflecting on the fact that The Middle East is diverse, complex and changing, as is mission within (and beyond] it. Arthur shared encouraging stories from the region, including opportunities to create spaces for witness and the work of the Baptist church in Beirut. Council had opportunity to reflect on and feedback on what the church in the West might learn from the church in the Middle East.

Peter Dunn presented an update on the position papers relating to the BMS forward strategy in the areas of Church, Leadership, Justice, Development, Health, Education and Relief. Council had an opportunity to consider and feedback on the key points from each paper.

Simeon Baker gave an update on the work of the Trustees, including work towards appointing a new Chair when Maureen Russell steps down in 2019.

A finance update was presented to Council with balanced estimates for 2018/19. Income levels have been relatively static, with older income streams being replaced by new initiatives. There is a continuing reliance on legacy income.

Following a presentation by Kang-San Tan, Council reflected on the changing role of agencies such as BMS. What might this mean for the way that BMS works, and how can we continue to engage the UK church in supporting and partnering in this work.

If you would like any more information about the work of BMS please feel free to contact:

Adrian Ward - 01484 314783 - email  

or Norma Hobbs – 0113 2692108 - email