God IS at work

God at workKATHY Smith, Centre Manager at Wakefield Baptist Church, writes: "After reading the reflections from the YBA with the request to share any further experience of 'God at Work in Unexpected Places' I decided to share the following. 

"For some time at Wakefield Baptist Church the youth group that meets on a Sunday morning was largely populated by the children of the leaders.  This was evidently not an ideal situation as leaders could often be teaching ONLY their own children, if others were away.

Fun and More!
"It's been on my heart for a long time to set up something separate from Sunday mornings, in a more relaxed environment with 'no parents allowed'!!
 "So Keith and I started a group at our home and the youth have named it, after a very formal democratic process of voting, 'F.A.M' which stands for Fun and More.

"The group, for years 6 to 11, meets twice a month on a Sunday afternoon and enjoys tea, fellowship, a time to chill out, share concerns and prayer needs, quizzes, games and don't forget ...... FUN!
 "There is a slot in the 2-hour session called 'Ask Me Anything'.  The title speaks for itself but leaves the door open for the young people to know they can ask us anything and we can answer to the best of our abilities.  We have had some great debates in this time and it is often hilarious eg. "What do you think to Donald Trump?"

 "What's lovely is that some youth who had dropped off from attending on Sunday mornings are now attending this group.  We have future trips out planned and I can feel a 'wake over' (no sleep) coming on.
 "The youth are transported back to church for 6.30pm and the afternoons we meet there is 'Craftivism' and 'Café Church' at that time, which the youth can either join in with or be picked up by parents from. This seems to be a good working format.

Please pray
"We would be grateful if you could consider our group in your prayer times, for a continued bonding and fun time to be had over the coming weeks and months."