Could you serve on the YBA Executive?

YBA jigsaw

ASSOCIATION Administrator Debbie Gamble writes: "As a worshipping community of more than 100 churches, the YBA’s aim is to encourage Baptist churches to grow in the areas of discipleship, evangelism, leadership and spirituality and to build relationships with one another.

"At the heart of our strategy is our commitment to relating, renewing and resourcing the church. We affirm that God is at the centre of everything we do. 

"Our YBA Executive group is a vital part of this. The Executive is the key decision-making body acting on behalf of the YBA churches. The members act as trustees, are accountable to the member churches and are also directors of the company limited by guarantee. All major strategic decisions are taken by the Executive. This includes major issues referred from the Finance, Ministry, and Trust Groups. While these groups deal with detailed matters, it is the Executive which keeps the overview and focus of the Association. As well as attending and participating in regular meetings, some trustees have oversight of specific areas of Association work. For example, one trustee presently supports our Data Protection work and one acts as Safeguarding trustee.
"The current Executive membership can be found on the YBA website - click here.
Of those listed, Liz Allen and Matt Wright have both come to the end of a term of office and are able to serve for another 3-year term. Their continued appointment is supported unanimously by their fellow Executive members. 

jigsaw piece"At the present time with Liz and Matt continuing to serve, we have 1 church representative vacancy on the Executive and potentially 3 co-option places, and that is why we are contacting YBA member churches at this time.

Is there someone in your fellowship who would be willing to serve as an Executive member? Or maybe you feel called to explore the possibility of getting involved?
"YBA trustees must be in membership with a YBA member church, as well as being available to participate in meetings on a regular basis; meetings usually take place 5/6 times per year in Leeds centre on a weekday evening from 6.00pm.

Liz Allen"If you are aware of anyone who might be willing to serve, please share this news with them and encourage them to contact a Regional Minister or the Executive Chair, Liz Allen (pictured) (email for further information. Initially we are seeking suggestions who at a later date would be considered by the YBA Nominations Group. Please do get in touch."