Lent 2018 - Week 4

Loving truthREGIONAL Minister the Revd Mary Taylor writes: "How am I speaking to people? It’s easy to destroy someone by the way we speak.

"It’s easy to claim that ‘Everyone says…’ when maybe it’s just me. Ephesians 4.15 calls us to ‘truth in love’ – to communicate the truth as we see it with love from our whole selves. That is loving with our body language, facial expressions, actions and decisions as well as our words.

Love sign"We may also learn the habit of being vulnerable with one another, honestly expressing needs, worries and longings. We will say ‘I feel’ or ‘I need’ more than ‘You are’ or ‘You should’.

"Today we will guard the good name of others and not pass on gossip. Today we will commit ourselves to the safety of others so they will be able to express their views without fear of being made fun of or called names. Why? Because ‘love does not dishonour others…it keeps no record of wrongs…love always protects’. Hear 1 Corinthians 13"

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