The grand total!

A BIG thank you to all the churches and individuals who supported the YBA’s Bless Lebanon Appeal. The grand total sent to the Baptists in Lebanon was £9,190.91.

Throughout Advent and over Christmas, churches within the YBA were encouraged to pray for and give money to help support refugees - particularly in Lebanon.

Regional Minister Revd Mary Taylor is in touch with Lebanese Baptists who work 24/7 to support the refugees who now make up one quarter of the total population of their very small country.

 Nabil Costa, who is the Executive Director of the Lebanese Baptist Society (LSESD, serves on the Executive Committee of the European Baptist Federation (EBF) and is a Vice-President for the Baptist World Alliance.

He said: “Our relief work is 24/7 and opportunities are wide open for us. Our teams are spread all over the country, and the main good news is that thousands are hearing the good news! Many churches are packed with refugees.
Kids in Lebanon“Sure we need every prayer, for protection, for strength, for resources, and we welcome any visit - you can come our way, you can join us in the blessing of ministry.

"Also we will be happy to receive any donations. We are working a lot with refugee kids, and working on their special needs and education in general.”


Click here to read about how the refugee crisis is impacting Lebanon:

How we can respond:

and here is a summary of what the Baptists in Lebanon are doing to support refugees:

(Winter 2015/2016)

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