Thank you for supporting our 7 for 7 Challenge!

THE challenge was to do 7 things for Home Mission in Yorkshire over 7 weeks during the autumn of 2014. Here's what happened:-

RUTH MARK REPORTS: "At Middleton Park Baptist Church we decided to do 7 for 7 all in one evening because other commitments made it the easiest option!  So on Saturday 22nd November we had an evening together with different ways of donating to the 7 for 7 Home Mission Fund.

1) Everyone brought some food for a bring and share but we then donated money for what we ate

2) We had a quiz based on the number 7 and everyone gave 50p for their quiz sheet

3) We had a treasure hunt around the church and everyone gave 50p for their treasure hunt sheet

4) A month earlier we encouraged people to decorate small cardboard boxes and put their change in it over the next month.  We gave a prize on the night for the best decorated box.

5) We had a lucky dip with small gifts inside a large box and each person paid £1 to rummage inside the box for a gift

6) At various points in the evening we sang worship songs chosen by church folk who had given a donation to sing their favourite song.

Well actually, we only did 6 things, but we did do the lucky dip again on Sunday morning for folk who couldn't make Saturday evening - so that makes 7 events! In total we raised £172.83.

"We were really keen to be a part of 7 for 7 because Home Mission have been so generous to us over the years and we wanted to give something back."

ROOMFIELD Baptist Church at Todmorden raised £50 for the 7 For 7 Challenge by holding a Christmas concert and afternoon tea. Thank you to treasurer Arline Simpson for telling us about it. Well done Roomfield!

WE were delighted to receive a cheque from Lee Mount Baptist Church in Halifax which raised £89 by holding coffee mornings for the 7 for 7 Challenge for Home Mission in Yorkshire! Well done Lee Mount!

WELL done Bridlington Baptist Church for raising £141.67 during the YBA's 7 For 7 Challenge in aid of Home Mission in Yorkshire. The church received gifts over 7 weeks and collected small change.

A BIG thank you to the church which raised £200 by collecting in a jam-jar and holding a coffee morning. They have asked to remain anonymous but thanks are expressed on behalf of the YBA Staff Team!

WELL done to our friends at Treeton Baptist Church, Station Road, Treeton, Rotherham, who raised £70 during the 7 For 7 Challenge for Home Mission in Yorkshire by selling cakes and cards. Great job!

A BIG thank you to friends at Shipley Baptist Church, who raised £83 as part of the YBA's 7 For 7 Challenge for Home Mission in Yorkshire! Well done!

A BIG thank you to the Berean Baptist Temple in Sheffield, who sent a cheque for £105 for the YBA’s 7 for 7 Challenge for Home Mission in Yorkshire. Lay Pastor John Maison writes: “£105 was raised through donations from individual members. We believe this little donation could make a difference and we trust and hope to do better next time."

HERE'S some cheerful news from Darnall Road Baptist Church, Sheffield!

Lay Pastor Mick Cooling writes: “We wanted to encourage everyone in our fellowship, including the children, to take part in the YBA’s 7 for 7 Challenge.

“The children undertook a ‘Spare Change Challenge’. Each week during the morning service they would fill a glass decanter with the spare change collected. They managed to fill two decanters and raised £43.  The adults were not given a challenge but asked to donate and this raised £308.

“We celebrated our 120th anniversary on 7th December when Graham Ensor led our celebrations. The fellowship decided to donate £1 for each year of service and this made a grand total of £471 for Home Mission.”

The YBA staff team says: "This is excellent news! Well done Darnall Road!"

THANK you to Vale Baptist Church, Todmorden, who raised £57.50 for Home Mission in Yorkshire by holding a beetle drive! Well done Vale!

THANK you David Cullingworth, treasurer of Doncaster Baptist Church, for sending a cheque for £130 for the 7 for 7 Challenge for Home Mission in Yorkshire.

David writes: "We had an open house evening, a member filled up a jar with 20ps and a jar was placed in the church. It was indeed a challenge. God bless you all."

THANK you to all our friends at Mexborough Baptist Church who raised £85 for Home Mission in Yorkshire by collecting small change over seven weeks. See - small change really can make a big difference!

However, we felt sorry for treasurer Paul Lancaster who was weighed down by all the change and had to take it to the bank. Good job Mexborough!

WE were delighted to receive a cheque from Dewsbury Baptist Church which raised £75 for the 7 for 7 Challenge for Home Mission in Yorkshire! The church put out a tub for a silver collection each Sunday over  seven weeks. Well done Dewsbury!

Marina Reddyhoff reports: "At Upper Edge Baptist Church we had a bring-and-buy sale; of clothes, shoes, etc and bric-a-brac.  We started on the night of November 12, then left out the goods in the hall for the groups using the hall to buy.  Our final amount of money raised was £128."

THE YBA office staff did their bit for the 7 for 7 Challenge raising £18 in loose change in their collecting pot. Finance officer Adrian Howe had the jolly task of counting out the pennies!





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