7 for 7

FOR seven weeks over the autumn of 2014 we asked the YBA churches to turn their focus on to our Home Mission Fund AND put the fun back into FUN-draising. It was a simple idea whgich aimed to capture people’s imaginations and help boost the funds which are ploughed back into mission at home.

Churches – and individuals – were asked to choose to do seven things for Home Mission over the seven weeks starting from Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 – the YBA’s day of prayer and fasting.

We suggested seven ideas which could be repeated weekly or done one at a time.

Give £1 a week for each of these 7 weeks to Home Mission, in addition to the contribution your church already makes to Home Mission.

Take a packed lunch to work on one day a week for each of the 7 weeks. Give the money you save on lunches to Home Mission.

Invite some friends from church, and some who don’t go to church, for a coffee and cake or a buffet meal and tell them that you will have a collection dish for Home Mission at the end of the evening – or make it a movie night with popcorn and snacks!

Give people or groups in your church £7 (or a voucher for £7) and see how much they can turn that into during the 7 weeks. Deduct the original £7 from the sum that’s raised then send the rest to the YBA for Home Mission.

Have a swap shop in your church hall or in your home and invite friends to swap clothes, books or items they no longer need. You could charge an entry fee and/or ask people to make donations to Home Mission for their swaps. It’s a good way of having a pre-Christmas clear-out.

Collect all those unwanted coppers that weigh down your pockets – small change can make a big difference. Aim to fill 7 empty jars over the 7 weeks – or just one.

Have a special offering for Home Mission during one of your Sunday services – or during one of your Bible study evenings serve coffee and cupcakes and collect donations for Home Mission.

At the launch of 7 for 7 our Team Leader wrote the following:-

Graham EnsorREGIONAL Minister Revd Graham Ensor writes: “Over the last 12 months Home Mission money has been used to offer 17 ministry grants and 11 special project grants to Yorkshire churches.

“The need for Home Mission support in Yorkshire is ever increasing. Home Mission money is a simple way in which we express our inter-dependence and support of one another in the Baptist family.

“Alongside our churches within the Association we are working harder at using grant money for missional purposes. There are many exciting stories coming out of local churches where Home Mission money is provided. You will have seen some of these through the emails that have been sent out over the last few weeks.

“We really value the support of all our churches, who often give above and beyond what they are able to afford to support others in mission.”

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