"Heaven On Earth"

Download a letter to Huddersfield churches here.

Heaven on earthFRIENDS from Scapegoat Hill Baptist Church and Lockwood Baptist Church, Huddersfield, were so impressed by the launch event for “Heaven On Earth” – a new musical which will soon be touring 14 UK arenas – that together with Meltham Parish Church, they have booked 200 tickets and reserved four coaches to take people to the performance on Sunday February 11th, 2018, at Leeds First Direct Arena.

The Revd Glenn Cannon, minister at Scapegoat Hill, writes: “We were quite blown away by the quality and the sheer scope of this venture. It is professional theatre at the very highest level.
“ ‘Heaven On Earth’ is the story of the Fall of Humankind in the Garden of Eden and the reconciliation offered by God through the cross of Christ.

“Despite being unashamedly a gospel presentation, it has been taken on wholeheartedly by stage and production professionals who regularly work in the West End theatre or on national UK tours for stage shows, concerts and multi-media presentations.

“This production is clearly going to be a massive tool for sharing the Christian Gospel message and we want to take not just our own members to see it but to use the opportunity for inviting friends and neighbours who perhaps might not usually attend a church.

“We can route our coaches through a variety of routes across Huddersfield and we can offer our 200 seats at an advantageous price as we were able to take advantage of an early booking discount. Out total price for a seat for the show AND a seat on the coach is £30 (and if all the seats on the coach are filled, there will be a small refund as we are not operating this with any intention of making a profit but just to cover the costs.)”

Click here to for a taster of the musical.