Thank you for an amazing effort!


We just love it when we’re able to share good news! Yorkshire folk have once again stepped out in faith during 2013 giving an amazing £194,948 to Home Mission during the year. What a brilliant result!

Each year Baptist churches are invited to make contributions to Home Mission.  Every pound given makes a real difference to our Baptist family; Home Mission grants enable Baptist churches to undertake mission and ministry in their local communities, sharing the Good News with those who haven’t yet heard it.

Dillon Burroughs (author and faith activist) wrote, “We cannot do everything, but we can all do something.” We firmly believe that this appeal result is truly an expression of many individuals and fellowships doing something by giving to Home Mission; and we trust that God will enable so much more to be done which makes a difference in His world.

In your Association we have been able to agree 14 grants for churches to support a minister, pastor or other worker during 2014.  Our prayer is that these churches will be able to move forward in mission, reaching out to their local communities with the love of God, making a difference wherever they may be. Home Mission grants really do make a difference…………….

Chris Hawley from the Christian Communities Network in Huddersfield writes: “… Home Mission has enabled us to make significant steps towards a dream becoming a reality, and a God-given vision being fulfilled.”

And Joan Parker writes: “One difference Home Mission support makes for us in Buttershaw (Baptist Church) is that 12 young people are being discipled and nurtured in their faith through the Eden Team…..”

Towards the end of 2013 the Association was able to award 9 one-off Home Mission Project Grants, these grants also being funded through the Home Mission Appeal.   As our grants group considered the applications, it was encouraging and exciting to hear stories of churches reaching out beyond their buildings, often doing something different for the first time. The projects ranged from a fellowship in Huddersfield offering a Community Café to a Parish Nursing project in Doncaster. Each church will have received copies of “Home Mission Snapshots” during December; further details about the Parish Nursing project can be found here along with some prayer pointers. Please do encourage people to take and read the Snapshots; if you need more copies let us know as we have some in the office.  And keep checking the YBA web site during the year as we will be sharing further stories of encouragement and updates from the Project Grant situations as they reach our ears. If you have a story to share, do let us know!

But what now, we hear you ask………………

Firstly, please keep on praying. This is vital as we work together for God’s Kingdom in Yorkshire.

Why not find out more about Home Mission? Perhaps you could speak to a HM supported fellowship, ask them to share their stories with you and maybe, just maybe, you will find you have more in common than you first thought!

Please keep talking about Home Mission within your fellowship and at your leadership meetings.  If you need any further information then let us know.

And finally, please keep giving. All gifts, however they are made, by cheque or by direct payment, monthly, quarterly or sporadically, make a real difference by enabling grants to be made.

With grateful thanks

Debbie, Graham, Joolz, Ken & Mary

Your Association Team

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