Gifts of Bibles

ST Thomas’s Church, Philadelphia, Sheffield, was awarded a £300 Home Mission Project Grant to buy Bibles in different languages to help more people engage with God’s Word.

St Thomas's PhiladelphiaStudent worker Pete Gaunt takes up the story: “Over the last year we have seen an increase in the number of internationals we are ministering to in our church and outside of our walls.

“The £300 Home Mission Project Grant that you have so kindly given us has all been spent on buying Bibles in different languages to help the internationals engage with the word of God in their own language.

“We bought Spanish, Farsi, Korean, Chinese and Slovakian bibles alongside English Bibles to help them learn English.

St Thomas's Philadelphia 2“We have recently set up an international Missional Community (discipleship group) to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus, to help them build family with one another and to reach out to their friends around them.

“The money that you gave us will help the internationals to have a Bible in their own language as well as having a few spare Bibles to give to their friends as they become interested in hearing more about Jesus. Once again we are so thankful for the money you have so kindly given us.”

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