Families at Teatime Group

CONTINUING in our series on how YBA Home Mission Project Grants have been spent in Yorkshire, we are turning the focus on Normanton Baptist Church, which was awarded £900 for a Families at Teatime Group.

Kez Robinson takes up the story: "The group was designed to be a creative worship space which presumed that worship would be a collection of the ‘gathered gifts’ so there wasn’t a preacher who brought a message but rather we would discover Gospel truths together. It was also a group which encouraged all age groups to worship in the same space and bring their perspective.

"We had folk whose ages ranged from two to 70 in the room andwe  always ate together at the end of the session where we were given homework and discussed some of the worship themes.

"Overall it was a really good space with around 5 families coming together. We also saw interest from some of the mums that were going to the carer and toddler group that the church started at the same time.

"The group met once a month and we discovered Christ through art, play, reading, wondering, watching, listening, meditating and just encountering each other. I can only speak for myself but I suspect others shared the same feeling of overall blessing from this group. It has been a good time."

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