Computer Room Project

church4u PickeringA PICKERING church is looking at new “Windows” of opportunity thanks to a YBA Home Mission Project Grant.

church4u was awarded £1,990 to create a computer room as part of its desire to open up the premises at Burgate Corner to the community. The grant enabled church4u to buy two laptops, a printer, lighting, desk, chairs and cover set-up costs and security.

Janet Lumb takes up the story: “The home of church4u is an attractive suite of rooms on Pickering market place. Our vision is to have facilities available for friends in the community. Everything we do in church4u is relational.

“We were glad to have the opportunity with the help of YBA to set up a room with two laptops etc to offer the facilities to those who do not have a computer, or whose Wifi is down and so on.

“We have just finished the set-up stage and are learning to use Windows 8.1 ourselves, so we can pass on that basic knowledge.

“A small group of young adult friends have started to use the rooms to get together, and computer use will be part of that. Over time we hope to have the premises open more often during the week, so that our facilities become increasingly used.”

Janet asked YBA friends to pray for the church’s outreach: “We are praying for one or two others who can catch the vision and give time working alongside us.”

* ARE you planning a new project or mission initiative but don’t quite have enough funds to get started?  Perhaps a YBA Home Mission Project Grant could help?

The applications deadline is September 30th, 2014. Visit the website to read and download the application documents


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