Huddersfield church celebrates four baptisms

FRIENDS at Lockwood Baptist Church in Huddersfield recently celebrated the baptism of four Iranian Christians.

The minister, the Revd Brian Davison, takes up the story: "In June 2016, 6 Iranian Christians arrived in Lockwood in two houses just around the corner from the church and became regular worshippers with us.

"Two had been baptised elsewhere, and four asked in September 2016 to be prepared for baptism. They were prepared for baptism by the Revd Brian Walters and John Lewis, assisted by Peter Bell of Elam ministries and an interpreter, while I focussed on supporting them in their asylum applications.

"In January those four, along with another who joined us later on, were all accepted for baptism and membership. Sadly one of the original four, Abbas, was detained for removal to Germany, to pursue his asylum claim there, before he could be baptised with us. However, the remaining  4 were baptised this month in a joint service with Elam Ministries.

"The service was jointly led by me and Sadegh Dabiri from Elam, and we worshipped in our own languages using songs that were written in English, with equivalent Farsi words written to fit the tune (not just word-for-word translation), saying the Lord’s Prayer in our own languages, Bible passages displayed in both languages, and we preached together and carried out the baptism together.

"The candidates were welcomed into membership, and we celebrated communion together, with members of Lockwood Baptist Church and Elam serving.

"As part of the celebration of the new life expressed in 2 Corinthians 5:17, the candidates expressed a wish to relinquish their old Islamic names and choose new Christian names, (For now this is informal, but once their residence is established they can follow it up by deed poll). One chose “Adam”, one “John”, one “Ebi” and one “Jason”. Not all are biblical, but all are new and have no direct connection with Islam. 
"Abbas is now pursuing his asylum claim in Germany, (under the Dublin Convention) and our prayers are with him."

Download the Farsi version - click here.

(Posted Feb 22nd 2017)