Baptism Blessings in Leeds

FRIENDS at Rothwell Baptist Church, Leeds, have celebrated the baptism of an amazing lady!

Church secretary Pam Elvin has shared Carron's testimony to encourage us:-

"Carron has had ups and downs in her life. She was brought up in the Caribbean by her grandmother.
As a child she had leukaemia, of which, at the age of 9, she was fully healed. Then aged 11, she fell out of a coach and had severe head injuries, rendering her unconscious for 2 weeks. 
Carron's baptism at Rothwell"She believes that God did not take her then because He had more in store for her in life.  However, she didn’t turn to the Lord until later when she was convicted of the wrongs in her life. Sadly her husband died a few years ago leaving her with two children, who are now aged 3 and 10 years. 
"Carron used to pass our church regularly and read the messages on our wayside pulpit, which drew her to come in one evening. 
She said she found happiness and friends and has been attending our church now for about a year. 
"Carron believes that baptism is a commitment she needs to make to secure her onward walk with the Lord. 
"We had an amazing baptism service on the evening of 3rd September, led by one of our members. Carron gave her testimony and sang ‘O Happy Day’. 
"We praise God for the blessings we are experiencing in our fellowship and the way He is leading us as a church."