Baptism Blessings in Huddersfield

FRIENDS at Scapegoat Hill Baptist Church in Huddersfield are preparing to celebrate their third believer's baptism in three months.

The first was Mr George Woodhead on July 23rd - and his wife Val has written the following moving story:-

"Scapegoat Hill Baptist Church celebrated the completion of over 40 years of prayer when my 63-year-old wheelchair user husband was baptised. In true engineering fashion, once he made his decision, he just wanted to get on with it and couldn’t really see what all the ‘fuss’ was about.

"George and I met well over 40 years ago and have been married for 38 years. Being sent to Sunday School as a child, with no parental input served to alienate rather than bring him to Christ. I come from a strong Christian family who welcomed George into our family and who – with their respective and varied churches, families and friends - have faithfully prayed for him for the last 40 years.

"When we married, George’s interest in Christianity was nil. His job as an engineer commissioning power stations has always taken most of his time and has meant that he spent a lot of his time away from home. He showed no interest in faith for many years, but says that his interest in Jesus started sometime before he contracted bacterial meningitis. The meningitis left him brain injured with multiple physical issues, including severely restricted mobility.

"George started coming with me at church a couple of years ago, firstly just for the Christmas Carol Service - encouraged by the presence of a local Brass Band, then for the Christmas Day Service itself, then at Easter …. After his first Christmas Day service, he decided that he wanted to read his Bible, which he has faithfully done every evening since, and has been through the whole Bible at least twice in 18 months.

"After his second Easter Day service he decided that he wanted to get baptised. This service, which centred on the woman at the well, was especially powerful as a second person also decided to get baptised that day – another joyful occasion which happened two weeks after George’s baptism.

"Sunday was a very special day with our church family joined by close members of our own families as well as friends. Our minister, Glenn Cannon, led the service with participation from Scape friends as well as family members and friends.

"George is not able to speak more than a few words in a low voice, but was still able to ensure that I gave a correct rendering of his testimony (by shaking his hands when I phrased something incorrectly!!). His testimony included the words ‘friendship with God’ and ‘Jesus as a man’. He had come to realise that Jesus not only lived as a real person, with real life experiences, but died for each one of us as well.

"The actual baptism was very moving, the water wet but warm and with me by his side, he was able to walk the few steps needed to go into the water.

"God answers prayer. It may take longer than we, in our humanness, would want, but we have a great God Who delights in bringing the longings of our heart to pass. And God uses that ‘army of ordinary people’ that we sang about, to bring His will into being.
"And in true Scape fashion, a wonderful buffet was enjoyed by all afterwards."

The second baptism was for Elaine Horsfall on August 6th, when Regional Minister and Team Leader the Revd Graham Ensor was the guest preacher. The minister, the Revd Glenn Cannon, was assisted in the pool by Elaine's daughter, Justine, who had served as a BMS Missionary in Kosovo for a number of years before her marriage.

The next baptism is for a lady called Jacquie on September 10th!